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Kafuh fragances

Kafuh Fragrances has two stores specializing in home aromas. Its promoters have more than 20 years of experience in the field of aroma. In its stores in San Sebastian they offer a wide range of flavors and fragrances for home in all formats: candles, essences, sachets, diffusers, incense, air fresheners, catalytic lamps.Kafuhfragancias.com has the same spirit and targes as the physical stores, advise clients on acquiring the best home fragrances. This site offers a catalog care perfume constantly updated with a powerful product search, browsing aromas and porlas most exclusive brands.

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kafuh fragancias

Comet B2B cycling

COMET is dedicated to the commercial distribution of specialized cycling with exclusive brands sports equipment. The purpose of this page was to provide a better user experience to stores. The B2B platform has improved the previous one in the product search, filtering, navigation brand and has expanded the information provided on each product. On the platform orders of thousands of customers placing orders are handled daily. The web is synchronized with the ERP the company.

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comet website

Urban Orchad in Gipuzkoa

Baratze Parkea is the network of organic urban gardens intended for / as inhabitants of Gipuzkoa. They needed an easy to maintain web where they could publish services and workshops offered. Web users have a calendar of activities and events to sign up. Those responsible for managing the registered web courses through the central reservation we developed for all sites managed Ekogunea.

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urban orchad

GKM heavy construction machinery

GKM had a corporate website we design a few years ago. The evolution and expansion of the company has required an analysis of their online brand positioning. This project became a keyword analysis, brand positioning and competitors to define the strategy.- Audit of online positioning.- Analysis of brand and competitors- Optimization SEO web and contents- Programming and web design adapted to mobile.- Strategy on social networks: network plan, training and publishing content.

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Lotura has developed a new content management system (CMS) for updating the web, migrating existing data and connecting with MailChimp to manage newsletters. The website has been developed in four languages: Basque, Spanish, French and English. With a responsive design that fits all mobile devices.Eusko Ikaskuntza offers updated all its activities through its agenda and news content. In addition to an extensive library of digital publications can be downloadedby user previous free registration. Eusko Ikaskuntza members, thanks to the new website, can access the private area to download documentation and participate in working groups and projects. The new site allows online registration to events organized by Eusko Ikaskuntza.In all, Eusko Ikaskuntza offers to the members and interested public a renewed, close, and very practical web to disseminate knowledge through studies, journals, reports and videos about the Basque culture. For its part, the content manager provides great flexibility, promoting the publication of different types of information with immediacy and precision.

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Euskararenginkana.eus, Ginkana to promote the use of Basque

Euskararenginkana.eus is an initiative of Kutxa Ekogunea and Euskaltzaleen Topagunea elkartea that aims to promote the use of Basque among young people through a Ginkana. The competition is aimed through the website where they will be published periodically different participating groups tests must complete. The challenges can be both online and offline and will be important to use social networks in each group to gain support from friends and achieve more points. Groups have a private area where you can keep track of the points earned, see how other groups and will receive new challenges to complete.

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Participants playing a test of the Ginkana
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We talk about accessibility in web development for businesses in the Master Advanced Computer Systems


13 Jan 2017

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Two web projects developed by lotura win two bubersariak2016

the winners of buber awards. Photo @aspanovas

28 Nov 2016

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We will participate in event "Publishing Bilbao Library"

10 Nov 2016

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Online course to create accesibility content.

28 Oct 2016

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